Best Star Wars Coffee Thermoses

Best Star Wars Coffee Thermoses

Star Wars Thermoses are not only fun for kids, but can also be fun for adults. They not only do a good job of keeping your beverage of choice warm and secure, but they also show off your inner Star Wars nerd and spark great conversation.

Below we have selected some of the best Star Wars coffee thermoses in the galaxy so take a look and see if something interests you.

Some come with tops that convert into cups, while others are just for holding liquid. These of course can be useful for more than just hot beverages, but also be used for carrying soup. Also if size is something you need to consider make sure you are choosing a size that fits your needs. Most of the sizes here are 12 oz’s but there may be a few exceptions.

Know matter which Star Wars thermos you choose it will definitely look great in your collection or be fun to pull out a home, school, or work.

Best Star Wars Thermoses for Coffee

A Variety of Star Wars Thermos Choices

With the popularity of Star Wars merchandise you can pretty much find any type of movie character, logo, or theme printed on a thermos. They all make great conversation pieces and are equally great because they are practical items for everyday use. No matter what you are looking for you are sure to find your favorite hero ready to keep your coffee or soup warm.

While I am an adult and partial to filling mine up with coffee, you can certainly put any hot beverage in these to keep them warm. Depending on how you plan on using it, you may need to consider not only which themed thermos you want, but also is the size best for your needs.

Coffee Thermos Size

Make sure you are purchasing a thermos that meets your needs. If you are getting a thermos to send with your child to school then you probably want something small and lite weight. It should fit comfortably in a backpack or lunch box. If you are getting one for tailgating or camping then generally you want something bigger.

I use mine for coffee and I like to be able to carry 3 cups at a time, so if you are similar you want to get a 12 ounces or more Star Wars coffee thermos.

Some are Called Funtainers

StormTrooper Funtainer

Funtainers are thermoses, but don’t have the drinking bottle shape to them. They feature a wide mouth…not for drinking out of but ease of puring out liquids. Many are made of durable stainless steel, but you will find some with plastic construction.

Star Wars Coffee Thermoses at Amazon

What Does a Thermos Do?

A good thermos should allow you to put hot soup in it in the morning and then eat hot soup hours later for lunch. If you are an adult it should keep you coffee warm for hours. Conversly they can also keep things cold if you fill them with cold liquids. A good thermos can keep liquids cold for up to 7 hours and hot for up to 5 hours.

Most people use thermoses to keep hot beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or soups warm for long periods of time. If you need a product that is more than just an awesome looking movie themed thermos, make sure you check out what customers are saying about how well it holds heat. All of these products are made by different brands…so each one was built to different quality standards.

How Does a Thermos Work?

The secret behind them is a vacuum…not the cleaning your house kind, but the kind that locks things tight and sucks air out. You can read more about Thermos technology here.

Essentially they are insulated bottles with a double walled container on the inside. When a thermos is manufactured they suck the air out between the two internal walls to make a vacuum. It is designed this way to prevent heat from escaping. If heat can’t pass through air to escape then it stays in place, thus keeping your beverage or soup warm.

Materials for thermos construction vary, but most new age models are plastic which helps reduce the transference of heat.

Disney Branded Coffee Thermoses

If you are a Disney collector than you want to make sure the coffee thermos has the Disney logo on it. Alot of thermoses are not manufactured by Disney, but instead licensed by Disney. It simply means they approved the product and got money for using the naming rights and likeness, but they did not manufacture the product themselves.

Before Getting Star Wars Stuff

Star-Wars stuff is uber collectable and is some of the most sought after items online. Even if you are purchasing a simple insulated thermos for you java there still may be a few things to keep in mind.

If you are getting a thermos for a fan or a small child, its worth noting that not any Star Wars themed item may due. For example, if you were getting a small thermos for your child’s lunch box you may want to consider something from one of the newer movies. They may not have the same affinity towards R2D2 or Darth Vader older generations do. In this case I would lean towards a Kylo Ren or BB8 tyle product.

The Good news is that Lucas Film’s has monetized the heck out of this movie so you can pretty much find any character, logo, or movie theme printed on just about any kind of product you want.

Some Star Wars Thermoses are Made in China

Be mindful, that lots of Star Wars products are made and shipped from China. This is simply because US companies can get their products manufactured cheaper over seas and then ship them back here to mark up the prices. With many items coming from China make sure you are getting officially licensed merchandise. If you are purchasing from Amazon, it usually notes it in the description for the thermos. If it’s not noted it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not official, however it’s an excellent best to scan over the reviews. Normally if the quality isn’t good the review section will be relentless with feedback.

If you have any doubts or have concerns about the products do not hesitate to leave a remark and I can try my finest to answer your question.

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