Best Star Wars Beer Steins and Beer Mugs

Best Star Wars Beer Steins and Beer Mugs

Star Wars Steins and Beer Mugs are a great way to show off your fandom and throw back some beer at the same time. Whether you like a ceramic stein with a flip top lid or a traditional large glass stein, below we feature the best Star Wars beer steins in the galaxy.

Beer Steins and mugs make great gifts and are particularly fun to pull out a parties because they spark great conversations. If you are in the market for a stein or beer mug and are looking for some decor to go with it, you can also check out Star Wars shot glasses and coasters to complete your collection.

Below are some of our favorite Steins…I am personally partial to the ceramic with flip top lids, but to each his own. If you are using your stein for drinking beer, do remember to bring a designated pilot!

Best Star Wars Ceramic Beer Steins with Lids

The character steins with lids are really well done and painted beautifully on ceramic. They won’t survive the dishwasher, but make for impressive collectibles that you can actually drink from. I am particularity a fan of the Chewbacca beer stein above, but truthfully I love them all. The most popular above is the R2D2 stein with the second being the Chewbacca. You can see though that all of these products get great reviews on Amazon.

Star Wars Beer Mugs and Steins Make Great Gifts

A Star Wars Beer mug or stein is designed for alcohol consumption and makes an awesome gifts for a beer drinking fan or a collector of movie merchandise. While options for Steins are limited compared to coffee mugs, the quality and design of these are OUTSTANDING. In the Star Wars beer mug category, which can still be considered a stein, you can find a larger selection of large glassware with the movies logos and themes on them. These are more available simply because these are much easier to manufacture in glass beer mugs than porcelain steins.

Aside from the traditional stein their are also tall glass beer mugs (much bigger than a pint glass). These are well crafted and have designs that will survive the dishwasher, but are not considered traditional steins because they don’t have a lid. These are more like tall glasses or mugs for lots of massive alcohol consumption and of course displaying your movie fandom.

Two of the most popular selling ceramic steins without lids are the Yoda and Darth Vader ceramic beer mugs. These mugs are beautifully done and have almost 200 4.5 star reviews on Amazon.

Master Yoda vs Darth Vader

Jedi Master Yoda Darth Vader

So which Jedi Master do you prefer…or should I say which Jedi Master would win in a drinking contest…

Below are some of the best choices without lids…

Best Star Wars Beer Mugs and Steins without Lids

Disney Manufactured Beer Steins and Mugs

While it might seem odd that Disney manufactures products for heavy drinking, when it comes to this movie franchise and merchandising they aren’t going to miss out. If you want a product manufactured by Disney, make sure to look for the logo. Some of these are not Disney products, but have been officially licensed by Disney for sale. If it’s Disney manufactured it will either say it in the Amazon description or it will be etched into the bottom of the glass.

What is a Beer Stein and What is a Beer Mug?

Steins were originally made out of stoneware and not glass, but have more recently been made out of glass or ceramic. Some beer steins can be made of pewter, porcelain, or crystal glass and may even have hinged pewter lids with a thumb-lever. For stein sizes a half litre or a full litre are normal. Beer mugs are typically smaller and are sometimes called pint glasses.

Beer Mugs are typically glass and don’t have a lid like a traditional stein. They do come in a variety of sizes, but are usually 12 ounces or more and leave a little room at the top in case your beer has some head on it. All in all people do use the word stein and beer mug interchangeably so there isn’t to much of a difference these days.

Why Do Steins Have Lids?

If you ever wondered why traditional steins have lids it’s believed that the lid was implemented during the Black Plague age, to prevent diseased fleas from getting into your beer….YIKES! Hope they had lids for steins a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…lol.

You Should Consider Weight of the Mug When Full of Alcohol

If you are buying a beer mug or stein keep weight in mind. Products like ceramic or glass can get to be really heavy once you put liquid in them. See to it you inspect the size and weight of exactly what you are ordering. If its for collecting, then it doesn’t really matter, but if its too heavy to hold at your next Rogue One party, then you should consider weight. The product might have a great logo design, theme, or character you desire and to hold as beer as the freight compartments on the Millennium Falcon, but practicality is important if you plan on drinking from it/

Star Wars Pint Glasses and Steins

Purchasing a Star Wars Beer Mug or Stein

Star Wars Beer Steins are extremely collectable and are very popular on the web for their unique designs. Whether you are buying a Star Wars beer mug or stein, there’s a handful of things you may wish to think about prior to buying.

If you are buying a gift for a collector who likes to drink, some folks only collect only specific merchandise. My buddy, for example, has only Boba Fett and Slave One themed movie stuff. He wouldn’t be into a beer mug with a Rebel Alliance logo on it…if it ain’t Mandelorian, he is not interested.

Everybody is different so before you pick out a beer stein for your friend just consider if they are particular about what they collect. Fortunately there is enough variety of characters, logos, and themes from the Lucas Films enterprise that you can find pretty much everything. No ovie franchise has ever been merchandised quite like this one.

Some Products Ship From Over Seas

Be conscious, that many movie themed products are made and delivered from China. Due to the fact that there are lower manufacturing expenses overseas, it is easier for companies to have their products made there. It’s best to ensure you are getting officially certified Star-Wars merchandise especially if you are a collector. If you are purchasing from Amazon, it normally indicates “officially licensed” it in the product description. If it’s not listed it certainly doesn’t mean its low quality…it just might not be authorized by Disney or Lucas Films.

Read Customer Reviews

It’s a great idea to read a couple of reviews to make sure you are getting a quality product. The Star Wars Beer Steins and Star Wars Beer Mugs are usually pretty good, but it doesn’t hurt to check reviews for quality. The glass used is normally pretty and the hand painted ceramic steins are truly done well. Aside from the product quality for items like glass and ceramic you want to make sure that the shipper packs them well so that they don’t arrive broken.

The best part is that if you get a product through Amazon they have excellent customer support so if there is an issue, you can work with them to fix it.

If you have any doubts or have questions about the products feel free to leave a remark and I can attempt my finest to address your question.

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