Star Wars Shot Glasses

Star Wars Shot Glasses

Star Wars shot glasses are great for showing off your fandom on a shelf or pulling them out when it’s time to blast some shots with your friends.

Whether you are looking for a Star Wars Shot glass of your favorite character or quote there is definitely something for everybody in the galaxy.

Star Wars shot glasses make great gifts and are really a nice way to show off your inner Lucas Film nerd. My only warning is be careful not to get to lit and drunk force choke anyone. Also be sure to use a designated pilot!

Best Star Wars Standard Size Shot Glasses

The Mos Eisley Han Solo shot glass is pretty classic, but the best sellers of the group above are the Darth Vader and Yoda ceramic shot glasses. If you want to consider going from Jedi Master to drinking game master, then you can’t go wrong with one of those choices.

Multiple Types for Different Size Shots

Standard shot glasses in the US generally hold 1.50 fluid ounces of liquor. Double and triple shot glasses hold anywhere from 2.5 to 4.5 ounces of liquor. These are often referred to as tall shot glasses.

Best Star Wars Tall Shot Glasses for Double the Jedi Mind Tricks

My Favorite Star Wars Shot Glass Set

I particularly love the shot glass set called “Star Wars Classic Quote” shot glass set. Each shot glass contains a movie character and a quote. For example the Han Solo shot glass says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”. That is pretty funny if you think about the fact that it’s written on a shot glass.

Star Wars Jigger Shot Glass Set

There are so many choices in the galaxy to choose it’s hard to pick one favorite. You can find such a wide variety of characters, themes, and logos from the best selling movie franchise of all time; Star Wars.

Sizes and Materials

You can find US shot glass in the US ranges from 2 to 4 ounces. Anything bigger than that is not for a traditional shot and is considered for a double or triple shot.

While we say shot “glass”, some are in fact not made of glass, but made of ceramic. If there is a particular type of material you like or collect make sure you take a look at what the product is made of.

How Do They Differ from Country to Country?

In the US we think of these tiny glasses as small mini cups with decorations on the exterior. You can get these jiggers with your favorite movie character or with a cool blown glass shape. But when you travel outside of the US you’ll find the same souvenir styles, but sizes of the glasses starts to vary.

Each country has a base size for a single standard shot, but it can be a huge difference. For example, Germany has a small standard at 20 ml while Japan is 60 ml. Generally in the US the standard is 44 ml which is 1.5 ounces.

You can read more about the history of shot glasses here.

Do You Like Sets or Individual Glasses

Not all of the Star Wars shot glass choices are available in sets. Some are just one of items and don’t have anything to match with their style. I personally like the sets where you can balance the rebels vs the Empire…like the ceramic yoda shot glass and the ceramic Darth Vader shot glass. While they are not sold together they would make for a nice set, because of their similar materials and graphic style.

Star Wars Shot Glasses at Amazon

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Shot Glasses Made By Disney are Called Mini Glasses

If you are a collector of Disney merchandise than you want to make sure you look for the Disney logo. Many of these products are officially licensed by Disney and not manufactured by Disney. Check the box and the product descriptions if you are an avid collector of Disney things. No matter who manufactures the product, Star Wars shot glasses make for great gifts. they are small, simple, and are a great way of showing off fandom for the movie.

Some of the Disney glasses are also referred to as mini glass sets. You tend to find that language with Disney sets because they are putting a bit of a PR spin on promoting alcohol consumption. They are just relabeling a shot glass as mini glass so it sounds like less debauchery will happen!

Buying Star Wars Stuff

StarWars mini glasses for shots are super collectable, but there may be a few things to consider before making a purchase

If you are buying a shot glass set for a hardcore fan they may be particular about what they like. My buddy for example only collects Boba Fett products. That doesn’t mean he would appreciate a Darth Vader mini glass, but it just wouldn’t match with all the rest of his stuff. If you think the person you are buying for isn’t too particular, then no big deal, but for a hard core fan it may make a difference.

Some are Made and Shipped from China

Be conscious, that lots of these items are made and delivered from China. This can the shipping time, which could impact you if you are giving the shot glass as a gift.

If you have any doubts or have questions about the products do not hesitate to leave a remark and I can try my best to address your question.

You may also be interested in seeing our page on Star Wars Steins.

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