Star Wars Drinking Glasses and Glass Sets

Star Wars Drinking Glasses and Glass Sets

Star Wars drinking glasses are a fun way to show off your fandom and add some movie franchise flare to your home decor.

While some people may think these are only for kids, I love keeping a set of Star Wars cups in my cupboard because they always spark some great conversation and my company always loves looking at the designs.

Aside from the kitchen style drinking glasses you can also get nice Pint glasses for beer. Lets start with the best kitchen style glassware sets in the galaxy…

Best Star Wars Drinking Glasses for the Kitchen

The 8 above are some of my favorite on Amazon. The first 2 sets the Vandor 4 pc 10oz Glass Set and the Vandor 16 ounce Glass Set are very well done and are some of the best selling and best reviewed Star Wars glass sets. There are of course many other choices you can find, but these above are popular among fans.

About Star Wars Drinking Glass Sets

Star Wars drinking glasses are some of the earliest merchandise from the movie franchise and there have been partnerships between the movie and fast food chains like Burger King to distribute these popular items. Some of these drink glass sets go all the way back to 1977 These can be hot collectors items.

This is the first drinking glass set from a New Hope and they were done as a promotion with Burger King.

1977 New Hope Burger King Glass Set

You can see the designs painted on the glass are pretty crude compared to today’s standards, but these are collectables and can be pricey to purchase.

Individual glassware is fun, but I think a full set of Star Wars glasses is even better. You will be surprised as to how much conversation these water and juice glasses will create amongst the adults and kids in your house. Having a set that all have the same type of design and vary in movie theme or character truly look the best when you place them out for meal time.

Star Wars Pint Glasses

Of course if you are of age and not looking for a juice style glass you might be interested in a pint glass for beer. These four pint glasses represent the best in the galaxy with nice thick glass and a soft etched design on them.

These are all 16 oz pint glasses and the Etching is permanent and it will not fade over time. They are also dishwasher safe. If you like the pint glasses then you might also find the selection of Star Wars Steins and shot glasses to be of interest.

Best Star Wars Glass Sets are Made by Vandor and Silver Buffalo

I particularly like all of the sets made by Vandor and also Silver Buffalo. They are both popular companies licensed by Disney. If you scroll down to the bottom of this post you will see a variety of Vandor and Silver Buffalo glassware sets containing the likes of Yoda, StormTroopers, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. It’s hard to go wrong any choice from this movie franchise. A third popular company is called Zak Designs which also has some creative looking products of the movie franchise.

This set below is one of the best selling sets on Amazon. It is by Vandor and has over 100 4 star reviews.

Vandor 10 ounce Glass Set

Han Solo and Chewbacca, Luke and Yoda, Leia and R2D2, Darth Vader and StormTrooper

Its crazy to see how far graphics have come when you compare this glass set to the 1977 Buger King set I mentioned earlier.

Sizes of Drinking Glasses

The galaxy is full of different drinking glass sizes from Jawa to Jabba. Normal drinking glasses that you would have in your kitchen range between 8 and 12 ounces. Juice glasses are really small and range between 4 to 6 ounces. Of course if you want to hold a lot of liquid there are 16 to 24 ounces, but that is a very tall glass. Make sure that when you are considering your purchase you check out how many ounces the glass can hold to make sure it meets your needs. If you happen to see that a glass is only 2 to 4 ounces that is a shot glass and is used for small servings of liquor.

Collectable or Home Use

If you are just getting Star Wars Drinking glasses just to collect than you don’t need to consider functionality. But if you are getting a Star Wars glass set for everyday use you should consider the height of the cylinder. If its to tall it might not fit on your cabinet shelves. Also you should consider if a set is dishwasher safe.

Disney Glassware Sets

Not all of the glassware in the galaxy is manufactured by Disney. If you only collect Disney merch then make sure you look for the Disney logo on the box. Other manufacturers should still be officially licensed though. As I mentioned Vandor and Silver Buffalo are both popular officially licensed merchandise.

Star Wars Drinking Glasses at Amazon

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Star Wars Merch Buying Advice

Star Wars products are extremely collectable and represent some of the most demanded products on the web. Whether you are purchasing a Star Wars Glass Set or Pint Glass, there’s a handful of things you might wish to consider before buying.

If you are getting a present for a fan, some people only collect within a niche. For instance my friend only collects Boba Fett merch. If its not Mandalorian then he is not interested.The great news is that no matter what you are looking for there is something for every fan.

Some Items Ship From China

Be conscious, that numerous products are made and delivered from China. It is always a great idea to make sure you are getting officially certified products. The good thing is that if you buy through Amazon they have fantastic customer service so if there is a problem, you can work with them to fix it.

I do tend to find the drinking glass set particularly made in the USA tend to hold up a little better after washing them alot.

If you have any questions about drinking glasses or pint glasses as they relate to the movie franchise let me know in the comments below.

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