Darth Vader 20 oz Ceramic Mug: Join Us Or Die

Darth Vader 20 oz Ceramic Mug: Join Us Or Die


    – Features Star Wars Darth Vader
    – “Join Us Our Die”
    – 20-ounce capacity
    – Dishwasher safe
    – Microwave safe
    – Material: ceramic
    – Made by Vandor
    – Great gift for a Vader fan

This Darth Vader says “Join Us or Die” and features an awesome pic of Vader on it. Get ready to drink your coffee on the darkside and force choke your victims.

In the world of qualified merchandise top quality is every bit as essential as rating. Vandor provides both with thousands of terrific things that speak with Star Wars fans of all ages.

Ceramic mugs are long lasting and also attractive. To maintain your cup looking wonderful, clean frequently, either manually or in the dishwasher. Coffee cups are likewise microwavable. Only catch with Ceramic is that if your drop it, it will explode like a thermal detonator!

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This mug sounds like it is perfect for someone who does corporate takeovers…what do you think?

Darth Vader Mug

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