Star Wars Color Changing Coffee Mugs – Add Hot Liquid and the Mug Changes Colors

Star Wars Color Changing Coffee Mugs – Add Hot Liquid and the Mug Changes Colors

One of the hottest collectibles is the galaxy is the new Star Wars Color Changing Coffee Mugs. The technology in the mug is sensitive to heat which causes the mug to change colors when you have a hot beverage in it.

One of the coolest ones of seen so far is the Kylo Ren mug. When the Heat Sensitive cup is empty, the light saber doesn’t glow, but when a hot beverage is added, the light saber turns red. It’s pretty extraordinary.

Checkout the products below, these are some of the best Star Wars Color Changing Coffee Cups online.

Popular Star Wars Magic Color Changing Mugs

Color Changing mugs are sometimes referred to as heat sensitive mugs, magic color changing mugs, or even color morphing mugs. All of those terms mean the same thing and that is when you put hot liquid in it, the exterior color of the ceramic mug changes in someway. The technology behind it is pretty new.

Light Saber Coffee Mug Color Changing

Are Color Changing Heat Sensitive Mugs Going To Last?

I think the jury is still out on that question. The color changing technology inside of the mug is still pretty new. I am curious myself to see if over time the technology will fade and the mug will stop changing colors. So far I have had mine for two weeks and no issues or any signs of it fading.

Heat Sensitive Coffee Mugs Are Pretty Handy

It’s pretty neat when you are filling it up the color changes is the heat in the mug rises. So if you are filling the mug with hot coffee, you can see the liquid level rise from the outside of the mug, because the color changes. It’s also nice because as your hot beverage gets cold the color in the mug will change, back to its cold state color. Now you can quickly see when your beverage is no longer hot.

Most of the heat sensitive mugs on the market are 12 ounce size, but there are a few ceramic mugs that come in 20 ounce. There are even a handful of color changing Star Wars travel mugs that I have shown above that are 20 ounces.

How Can You tell If A Mug is Color Changing Mug

If you look at the pictures of the Star Wars color morphing mugs above, you will notice most of the handles are black and the mugs are white. This is the way marketers are showing the mugs to indicate that they contain the heat sensitive technology. The only other way to know is to read the product descriptions and make sure it contains words like: color changing, color morphing, or heat sensitive.

Best Star Wars Color Changing Mug – Light Sabers

The Star Wars Mug Magic Lightsaber Heat Sensitive is by far the most popular heat morphing mug in the galaxy. It has over 450 user reviews, a solid 5 star rating, and is listed among Amazon’s Best Sellers.

This mug is really cool to watch the light sabers gradually fill up as you poor in a hot beverage. Without a doubt this is one of the best Star Wars mugs ever made based of the design and concept with technology.

Fun at Home, School, or in the Office

The one thing a color morphing mug has done for me, is get me some extra attention around the office. Everybody keeps asking me if I have two different Star Wars mugs…lol. When I tell them it’s a color changing mug, everybody is like “Whoa” and wants to see me fill it up with coffee. All in all you can really confuse your co-workers and or keep your kids distracted by placing hot beverages in a mug that plays a subtle magic trick on the eyes. I think it’s a cool item to own and also makes a great gift.

These color changing coffee mugs are much more interesting than a lame mug that just stays in a static state. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the static state Star Wars coffee cups, but the heat sensitive ones are next level if you are looking for a traditional cup design.

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General Info About Buying Star Wars Products

Star Wars things are very collectable and is a one of the most searched for product on the internet. No matter what type of movie merchandies you are purchasing there are things you may want to consider.

If you are getting a present for a Star Wars fan, some individuals are specific about what they collect. The good news is that no matter what you are looking for there is something for every Star Wars fan in the galaxy with every popular character, logo design, or theme represented.

Some Items Ship from China

Be conscious, that numerous products like mugs are made and shipped from China. This is because low cost items like mugs and cups are much cheaper to manufacture there. Being made in China doesn’t mean the quality is poor, but you should read consumer reviews on Amazon to validate the quality. If a product does ship from overseas it could add up to 21 days of shipping time, something you might want to consider if you are giving the mug as a gift.